We are an Accredited General Practice.
At Brunker Road General Practice we strive to maintain our skills. We have weekly education meetings for doctors and nurses, and keep current with resuscitation. We have up to date equipment and have a program of constant improvement.

About Brunker Road General Practice

brunker road general practice, adamstown GP

Doctors who use Brunker Road General Practice services:

Dr Milton Sales,  Dr Tony Saltis, Dr Nick DeVitis
Dr Mark De Souza, Dr Lise Burgess, Dr Ben Ewald, Dr Lee Fong
Dr John Marley, Dr Graeme Horton, Dr Michelle Haydon,

Dr Jennifer Sweatman, Dr Anita Watts, Dr Miriam Paquet, Dr Peter Miles,

Dr Duane Crabtree, Dr Adam Jackel, Dr Moses Chan, Dr Owain Roberts

Dr Hilary Butt, Dr Kristen Klimpsch, Dr Bridget Daniel, Dr Rebecca Rowe,

Dr Jaimie Navalli, Dr Michael Sales, Dr Steven Lindsay, Dr Stephen Sutton,

Dr Carly Etheridge​

brunker road general practice, adamstown GP
​Registered Nurses:

Helen Conn, Maureen O'Neill, Paula Crean, Sarah Galal , Pam Russo, Helen Brady, Elizabeth Arnold Pieterse, Ruth Scott and Jasmine Barker

Alison Wright (Diabetic Educator)


Lynda Gilshenan EN

Maureen O'Neill​

brunker road general practice, adamstown GP
Opening Hours


Mon-Thurs  8.00am to 8.00pm

Friday           8.00am to 6.00pm

Saturday      8.30am to 4.00pm

Appointments are essential. We have reserved appointments for acutely ill patients. Our nursing staff Triage urgency of need if you are sick, call for advice.

brunker road general practice, adamstown GP
Indigenous Health
Dr Anita Watts and Dr Joab Hull are Aboriginal Doctors
Our practice Values caring for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.
Dr Miriam Paquet and Dr Ben Ewald have experience working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander health.
brunker road general practice, adamstown GP
After Hours


Our doctors take part in the Local GP Access After Hours service, on a roster to provide after hours clinics, home visits and telephone advice. Our nurses take part in the telephone nursing triage service.

brunker road general practice, adamstown GP

Aged Care Services


Nursing Home and Hostel care is provided at Maroba, Jesmond Grove, Bupa Waratah NH, Garden Suburbs NH, Tinonee Gardens Hostel, Lindsay Gardens NH, St John's Villa and Wallsend Nursing Home.