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All Doctors using BRGP do counselling and manage mental health problems. Dr Mark De Souza works for the Hunter New England Mental Health Service. Pouches Parent & Child Health Services assists parents manage the stress of parenting.
Dr Milton Sales and Dr Steven Lindsay performs circumcision at Brunker Road General Practice. Babies need to be from 2-8 weeks of age. Local anaesthetic is used.
Newcastle Skin Clinic
All Doctors using BRGP check skin for abnormalities. 
Dr Owain Roberts, Dr Michael Sales, Dr Peter Miles and Dr Andrew Montanari do regular skin clinics. Other doctors also remove skin cancers. Make an appointment for a Skin Check.​


We employ experienced nurses to help with immunisation. Nrs Helen Conn, Maureen O'Neill, Alison Wright, Pam Russo, Helen Brady, Elizabeth Arnold Pieterse and Ruth Scott  are registered nurse immunisers and are able to help plan catch up immunisations. Travel immunisations are available after consultation with a doctor.

Palliative Care

Dr Mark De Souza works with the Calvary Mater Palliative Care Unit team to provide a service to the community.

Mirena IUD & Implanon

Dr Tony Saltis, Dr Milton Sales Dr Steven Lindsay and Dr Rebecca Rowe insert Mirena and Copper IUDs. Drs Sales, Saltis, DeVitis, Watts, Rowe and Sweatman insert Implanon rod contraception. Ask our clerical staff for a planning appointment
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